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Minecraft 2D Engine v008

Minecraft 2D Engine v008 created by Alinthok_DALIN
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This is a 2D Minecraft version written in game maker. For now it is just going to be an example if you want to develop it. (comes with .gmk file). This is indev version so it is very buggy and very glitching game. I will fix the bugs and glitch and upload without the .gmk if it is good and not like this. This is copy of Minecraft and Terraria. :D Changelog: 0.0.9:dirt to grass take time leaf dissapear take time 0.0.8: Show when we can place blocks or not. 0.0.7: Fixed tree bug 0.0.6: Fixed bug where you can place block at the top of other. 0.0.5: Added Save (CTRL-S) and Load game (CTRL-L),Can Select Different Types Of Blocks. 0.0.4: Fixed Lag Problem with codes. 0.0.3: Large Map but still lag, next version will fix this. 0.0.2: Player Health (No function), Stone, Gravel, Sand, Wood Inventory (half of function because can't place block). 0.0.1: Initial release. Added blocks, player, Inventory, Dirt Inventory, Place Dirt, Falling gravel and sand, leaf and tree, basic minecraft 2D.

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